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Lana Clarkson

Lana Clarkson

(May she rest in peace.  We don’t make a habit of updating pages from past conventions, but in this case an exception seems in order.  We have posted more photos of this vibrant woman here for those who would like a chance to “meet” this woman who has left us far too soon.)

Perhaps one of the sweetest and kindest people to come do a signing at con this year was Lana Clarkson.  Originally scheduled for just two days, she had such a good time that she asked about coming for the other two days as well.

Everyone who I saw near her table was having a wonderful time and enjoying every second of it!

As you can see to the right Lana did not just sign autographs and briefly chat with the fans, she took the time and energy to pose for photos and make memories that con goers will never forget!

If ever anyone seemed to understand the importance of loyal fans, it is Lana, and she most definitely came out of her  weekend in San Diego with more fans than she started.

So, for those who missed her, here are a few photos, and whether you were there or not, take a moment to check out her official website and the wonderful things she has done.  You will, undoubtedly, see on her filmography at least one thing you’ve heard of if not seen and wonder how it is you didn’t recognize her!  (Does the classic Amazon Women on the Moon ring any bells?)

(Where’s Lana in the photo below?  She’s hidden behind all those fans!)