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Timeless Season 1

John, of ComicBookPage, and Kay, of PopArtsPlace, have a spoiler filled discussion about the first season of Timeless.

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A Moment of Reflection

Below is a powerful segment Tom Brokaw aired this week.

George Takei commented on Pearl Harbor Day (Dec 7, 2015)  “we remember the mistakes of the past so as not to repeat them. Honor history, honor the fallen, and work always toward peace, friends.”

I would love to see PBS work with George Takei to make a GREAT PERFORMANCES l PBS special of Allegiance – A New Musical so the entire country can see this powerful story he is sharing.

Media Matters for America posted this on facebook:

This is one of the most powerful segments we’ve ever seen. Tom Brokaw compares Donald Trump’s call to bar Muslims from America to Japanese internment, Nazi Germany, McCarthyism, and Jim Crow – and he didn’t stop there. This amazing video is well worth taking a moment to watch, via NBC News

Mondays deliver Entertainment

#Supergirl #Blindspot #Scorpion #Gotham #Legends #MajorCrimes

If you are struggling to find something to watch live on television on Monday nights I am left wondering why.  Fox’s Gotham going head to head with CBS’s Supergirl means my DVR is hard at work, leaving me with only one decision — which show am I watching live, and which show am I tuning into after the fact, but definitely watching.


For me, Supergirl is shiny and new and I watch it each week because I can not resist, and the actor playing James Olsen, Mehcad Brooks, is leaping from small screens with his portrayal.  Gotham on the other hand is great entertainment, but their arcs work well in the marathon watching format where I have an easier time keeping track of the threads, and who is where doing what in the vast city / world that the creators have Gotham are serving up to their viewers each week.   (If you missed it, you may want to take a listen to our recently released podcast about Season 1 of Gotham.)

The next hour of prime time brings both CBS’s Scorpion and TNT’s Major Crimes.  Scorpion mixes attempts at intelligent problem solving with humorous scenes and lovably awkward characters.  There are certainly moments you can stop and think about and question, but if you allow yourself to simply get caught up in the momentum of the episodes, they take you on a fun and exhilarating ride, week after week,  and offer hope that intelligent good-hearted people are out in the world, trying to keep us safe, and make our world a better place for us to live.  Then again, the guys who can hack any computer get sent on a mission to Cuba where there are few computers, and are getting ready to take on an assignment to area 51, so as I said — there is a strong sense of humor that flows through and carries the shows along as well.

TNT’s Major Crimes evolved out of the Kyra Sedgwick show The Closer,  and for those who were worried a change in team lead, and show title, might spell the beginning of the end, it has not been the case here.  Mary McDonnell‘s character Sharon Raydor has come in with a different approach, determined to not only get confessions, but see the guilty parties go to jail, and in doing so has taken the show from a determination to close cases to a determination to get justice.

As if the DVR had not been doing enough for one night, next up is the decision of whether to view live, or later, NBC’s Blindspot vs. ABC’s Castle, with CBS’s NCIS LA also in the mix as well.

NBC_Blindspot_728x90_wk2_dayofI’ll confess, of the three shows offered in this hour of Prime Time, my first choice to record and watch later is Blindspot (which NBC has already said will have a second season).   Not because I do not enjoy it, but because it is a show full of details I do not want to risk missing.  What if the phone rings when they show the tattoo that means everything this week?  What if for some reason I’m not looking at the screen when some great reveal occurs?  I want to see these things.  Blindspot is not a show you can listen to and catch every aspect of importance.  Castle has a lot of great character interplay, and moments, but if you miss a moment it rarely feels like it changes your understanding of the episode or season.  They certainly enhance your enjoyment — and are appreciated, and the talent that goes into the script and acting is appreciated… but if I have to choose 1 show I can record… I lean towards Blindspot vs. Castle.

As for NCIS: Los Angeles… thankfully we live in the age of Video On Demand, an age where if you can only record 1 show, while watching another, you can actually view what all three networks aired in a given hour, provided you have enough hours in your day.

pre_legendstif_120The other thing to be thankful for, is TNT showing episodes more than once in a night, offering me the chance to watch Season 2 of Legends as it airs.  Where Season 1 focused on a different Legend each week, and the many faces Martin Odom was capable of taking on, Season 2 is delving into his search to discover who he was before he had an accident that robbed him of his memory.  A bit more confusing in nature, because the scripts are moving between both locations and time frames, season 2 has the potential to either be eye opening, or something I need to re-watch to understand.


@nbc @NBCThePlayer @philipwinchestr @charitywakefld @WesleyTSnipes @Daisy_Betts, NBC’s The Player is a show I tuned into with moderate expectations.  I heard a little hype about it at San Diego Comic-Con, but not enough to be sure about the premise, or maybe more precisely, sure it was a show I would enjoy.


Having just sat down with the first episode I can honestly say I enjoyed that considerably more than I dared hope to.

Imagine being in Las Vegas, a guy who might not always be perfect, but somewhere along the line he met a girl who stole his heart, a woman who believed “if you do good, you are good,” and this guy, at his core, he wants to be a good guy.  He is approached by people who have access to profound resources, and information, and they are doing what so many in Vegas do, running in a betting parlor.  Wagering on crimes.  They offer you a chance to be their player in the game, a person money is being laid down on, and you can, via them, tap into their resources of information as they adjust the odds on you for their gamblers based on your actions.  Conceivably you could save lives.  Prevent crimes.  Possibly.  Hopefully.  Well, maybe.

After all, the house does always win, and in the modern age it can be easy to be cynical and hard to know exactly what motivates people — but for the guy who wants to be good, wouldn’t it be tempting to accept the offer to be their player?

Unfortunately viewers either are not find The Player, or are not sharing my curiosity as to how the show will unfold, so if this is one you were thinking about checking out you might want to head the direction of video on demand or possibly the NBC site and stream the episodes now, and check it out.  (Or on Hulu.com)

From the executive producers of “The Blacklist” comes the action-packed Las Vegas-set thriller “The Player.” The series co-stars Wesley Snipes as a pit boss and Charity Wakefield as the dealer for a high-stakes game where an organization of wealthy individuals gamble on the ability of former military operative turned security expert Philip Winchester (“Strike Back,” “Fringe”) to stop some of the biggest crimes imaginable from playing out. Can he take them down from the inside and get revenge for the death of his wife, or is it true what they say: The house always wins.

John Rogers serves as writer and executive producer. John Davis, John Fox and director Bharat Nalluri also executive produce. “The Player” is produced by Sony Pictures Television, Davis Entertainment and Kung Fu Monkey.