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Comic-Con International 2014 Madlibs


Every year at Comic-Con International in San Diego one of the highlights for my inner child is this little flash back to days gone by.  This visit to my childhood days, to playing with friends and siblings and remembering all the fun we had with madlibs before cellphones and digital games / videogames took over the entertainment environment.

One book of madlibs provided hours and hours of not just entertainment, but bust your gut laughter!  Perhaps it seems simple to the children of today, but that was part of the joy of it when I was growing up.  A game anyone and everyone could play.  All you needed was a pencil (and yes, a pencil was better than a pen.)

So while I may rarely reach for the madlibs as an adult, cosplay for beginners, a sampling of comic-con panels, and keeping cool around your idol were just a few of the pages in this years madlibs that tickled my funny bone when I flipped through the pages to see what fun awaited me when I went by the Penguin booth to pick up this years book.

Comic-Con International: 2014 – Podcast Part 1

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John Mayo, of ComicBookPage, and Kay Kellam, of PopArtsPlace, talk about their adventures at Comic-Con International 2014 in this first part of a two-part discussion.

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Comic-Con International – Legendary Booth(s)

Crimson Peak

Crimson Peak, image (C) Legendary

A stroll through the Legendary Booth at San Diego’s Comic-Con International 2014 was a fast-paced and enjoyable trip into a realm that, for a brief moment, made you feel as if you had actually stepped into another place entirely.   The props and atmosphere of the Crimson Peake exhibit was so complete that as the curtain fell shut behind you, sounds of the hall floor were muffled and the small group I stood with fell silent as they simply absorbed their new environment.

While it was obvious this was not some happy-go-lucky film, there was nothing disgusting or jarring about the exhibit… instead it was full of character, delight and intrigue, pulling you into another world and enticing its visitors to stay a while in this oasis from a bustling hall floor.  When some people behind them were done looking around and wanted to leave, the people by the exit were disappointed, sighing and bemoaning the fact it was time to step away from all the wonderful eye-candy, and return to reality.


Godzilla, image (C) Legendary

Crimson Peak

Crimson Peak, image (C) Legendary










Year after year, part of why I so enjoy going to San Diego’s Comic-Con International is the creativity of the booths, the attention to detail, the fact that you never know what is waiting for you on the next aisle.  The chance to pilot a Jaeger from Pacific Rim, to be greenscreened into the prisoner line-up from Guardians of the Galaxy, to step into an Alien Egg, or the Falling Skies Cocoon.

From one year to the next it can be impossible to predict what wonders await attendees.

Haven – a glimpse of Haven, Maine

Haven Biz Cards

The Booth on the exhibit hall floor at San Diego’s Comic-Con International for the SyFy show Haven was small, but fantastic.  One example is this small little give away, at first glance you might have thought the guys working the booth had their business cards lying out — but wait, they were for Dave and Vince, the brothers who operate the Haven Herald on the show.

And in the display case beneath the boxes of DVDs were props from the show — the letter Duke sent from the past to Audrey letting her know what had happened to him being just one example.

It was a bit startling to have fans, so enthusiastic about the show, yell at you from the far end of the booth, “hey, you, girl getting a Haven poster, did you go to the panel last year??”  I was so jarred by the abrupt yelling I might have said anything to get a bit of space, as I was caught up in the poster, the brother’s business cards, and processing all the cool props I had just read, and realizing how many of them I could place back to the episodes I had seen them in.  Some of the props had been general business cards and driver’s licenses, but others were keyed to very specific episodes, and like Duke’s letter, were iconic and brought back a rush of memories of scenes and plot points.

Four seasons of Haven have aired thus far, with a fifth eagerly anticipated by fans who saw a major turn of events in the fourth season as the status quo was reset and questions that were set forth in the pilot began to be answered.    If you have not yet seen this show, based on the Stephen King story The Colorado Kid, it’s time to tune in and start catching up.  Season five looks like it will be explosive in the best possible ways.