Klingon Art of War

Klingon Art of WarThe moment I saw The Klingon Art of War at San Diego’s Comic-Con International at the Simon and Schuster booth I knew this was a hard back book I wanted to add to my small library of Star Trek books.  While I have only had a passing interest in the variety of encyclopedias and tech books that are available, there was something about this book that instantly attracted my eye, and my mind.

The concept of a book exploring the Klingon Art of War delighted me… I found myself instantly wondering ‘how has this book not been written sooner?’  The fact that it is a quality hard back book shows it is given the respect such a book would have been given by the Klingons.

Before each precept is a beautiful piece of Star Trek / Klingon Art, and at the beginning of each “chapter” is a quote from Kahless that captures the character and spirit of the Klingons.

It is a book I look forward to delving into.  My first pass through shows that Keith R.A. DeCandido has explored the Klingon culture, and it’s warrior ways in a compelling manner, and presented it in a fun and accessible manner to fans of Klingons, and Star Trek.