Gotham Chronicle

Gotham Chronicle Story - Waynes Shot Dead

Gotham Chronicle Story – Waynes Shot Dead

Part of the promotion for the Fox show Gotham, which premiers Sept 22 in the United States, has been the website  Thus far it has had a smattering of content, with some photos, and just a few stories, like the one that will undoubtedly be a striking moment in the pilot episode — the death of Thomas and Martha Wayne, the parents of Bruce Wayne who will grow up to be Batman.

Detective Gordon

Detective Gordon

Gotham, a series which will serve as the origin story of Batman, takes place during the childhood of Bruce Wayne and will feature a host of familiar characters (Penguin, the future Riddler, and the future Catwoman), and faces (David Mazouz, and Jada Pinkett Smith among others).

Based on the list of characters and cast, it seems that Detective Gordon, and the ever popular butler Alfred will also play key roles in the show, perhaps at long last explaining these key friendships in the life of Batman as so many of us know and love the character in his adult years.

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