Live Die Repeat – Edge of Tomorrow on DVD

The Tom Cruise/Emily Blunt film Edge of Tomorrow was based on the novel All You Need Is Kill by Hiroshi Sakurazaka, which John Mayo, of ComicBookPage, and Kay Kellam, of PopArtsPlace, podcasted about when it was in theaters in June of this year.

LDR-EOTDVDWe discussed the novel All You Need Is Kill which was adapted both into a manga and the movie Edge of Tomorrow. The entire discussion contains spoilers of the various different versions of the story as we compare and contrast the difference in the story and storytelling across the different versions of the property.

With the movie coming out on DVD and BluRay October 7 we wanted to highlight the podcast again for those who have not already taken the time to check it out.  All You Need Is Kill [58:04m]: Download the podcast now from the site and feed.

John and I discussed the fact that All You Need Is Kill did not roll off the tongue as an easy to say title (perhaps the original Japanese had a better sound or meaning?), and we wondered at the title Edge of Tomorrow, since it was not an obvious title to connect in to the movie’s plot.   It is a movie where a character keeps reliving the same 30 hours, with tomorrow seemingly never coming… the character constantly hovering at the Edge of Tomorrow but not able to make it through the events that will let his life move forward.

Live, Die, Repeat was the suggested hashtag for Edge of Tomorrow when it was in the theaters and it does beautifully sum up so much of the movie, and prompts reminders to some of the lighthearted moments in the film as well.

Live, Die, Repeat — Edge of Tomorrow is available now in Digital HD Download, and October 7 on DVD and BluRay.

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Edge of Tomorrow - Join The United Defense Force

Edge of Tomorrow – Join The United Defense Force