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Subscription Boxlight: 2016-07

John and Kay open up and discuss the contents of some recent subscription boxes.

Time Codes:
0:00:00 Intro
0:00:36 2016-06 zBox: Threads
0:05:40 2016-07 Legion of Collectors
0:10:34 SuperHeroStuff: Star Trek Gold
0:25:56 2016-07 Comic Con Box
0:36:52 2016-07 Smuggler’s Bounty
0:48:35 2016-07 Arctify
0:52:32 Marvel Collector Corps: Year One
1:11:39 Wrap up
1:12:11 End

zBox: http://www.zavvi.com/offers/zbox.list
Legion of Collectors: http://legionofcollectors.com
SuperHeroStuff: http://www.superherostuff.com
Comic Con Box: https://comicconbox.com/
Smuggler’s Bounty: http://www.smugglersbounty.com
Arctify: http://arctify.com/
Marvel Collector Corps: https://www.collectorcorps.com/
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This podcast episode originated on the Comic Book Page website: http://www.ComicBookPage.com

Subscription Boxlight: 2016-06

John, of ComicBookPage, and Kay, of PopArtsPlace, open up and discuss the contents of some recent subscription boxes.

NOTE: There were problems with some of the audio recording for John’s side of the conversation which have been fixes as much as possible. While John can be heard, the audio isn’t that good in some of the segments.

Time Codes:
0:00:00 Intro
0:00:36 Explanation/Apology for bad audio
0:02:21 2016-06 Arctify
0:05:28 Star Trek Phaser Television Remote Control
0:15:12 Star Trek Bluetooth Communicator
0:23:23 Start of the audio problems on John’s side of the recording
0:23:43 2016-06 Firefly Cargo Crate
0:31:06 2016-05 zBox: Threads
0:36:14 2016-05 Sci-Fi Nerd Block
0:45:47 2016-06 Comic Con Box
0:54:22 2016-06 zBox
1:01:57 2016-06 Marvel Collector Corps
1:11:32 Closing comments
1:12:14 Wrap up
1:12:44 End

Arctify: http://arctify.com/
Firefly Cargo Crate: https://www.lootcrate.com/subscription-crates/firefly
zBox: http://www.zavvi.com/offers/zbox.list
Sci-Fi Nerd Block: https://www.nerdblock.com/scifi
Comic Con Box: https://comicconbox.com/
Marvel Collector Corps: https://www.collectorcorps.com/

Discount Comic Book Service: http://www.DCBService.com
Comics Podcast Network: http://www.comicspodcast.com
League of Comic Book Podcasts:http://www.comicbooknoise.com/league/

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Join the discussion on our forum at: http://forum.comicbookpage.com

This podcast episode originated on the Comic Book Page website:http://www.ComicBookPage.com