Fan Expo Canada in Toronto – A Week Away

With Fan Expo Canada just a week away it is time, as an attendee, to start not just anticipating, but getting ready, and that means hitting the website and rejoicing that the schedule is up!  The floorplan is up!  And something called a locations guide is up!  Yup, time to download some documents and see just what kind of fun awaits us!

A quick glance at the floor plan for the exhibit hall reveals Showcase, Space and eOne (BroadChurch, Rookie Blue, and Haven, among other projects) will have good size booths — and that right there is one of the major reasons why I have decided to venture to Toronto and check out this convention.

Space is, from what I have gathered, the Canadian equivalent to SyFy in the United States, airing Face Off, Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge, as well as Doctor Who, Orphan Black, Sharknado, Wizard Wars, and The Last Ship.

Showcase, based on my limited exposure to it on a trip to Canada is a television channel I would have to have if I lived up north.  I tuned into it at my hotel and fell in love!  The Showcase Channel currently airs Continuum, Defiance, Outlander, Dominion, Haven (made by eOne),  Rizzoli and Isles, Beauty and the Beast, Helix and Game of Thrones, just to name a few shows currently featured on their home page.  To say Showcase airs the shows I watch and love might actually be an understatement.